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Looking for a Baby Photography Workshop in Mumbai?

At Jiyaa Arora Design Photography, we conduct Newborn & Baby Photography Workshops every quarter. In this workshop, we aim to introduce you to the world of baby photography and also equip you with easy editing techniques that enhance your pictures.

Here is what you can expect to learn at our Baby Photography Workshop:

  • A general overview of newborn (0-15days old) & sitters (6-9 month olds) photography

  • An organic photography experience - working with Natural Light -

  • Gear and equipment

  • Camera settings

  • Wrapping techniques and styles for a new born baby

  • Guide to working with new born babies and 1-2 year olds

  • Prepping parents before the shoot

  • Post production and easy editing techniques, softwares

  • Social media marketing for your photography brand

In this Baby Photography Workshop, we will be covering new born photography as well as sitters.

Who should attend this?

If you are looking to make new born and baby photography your niche, then you should attend this. Also, if you are looking for a change from your current photography specialisation and in the midst of exploring new areas, then Baby Photography is a very fulfilling segment. And you can definitely explore it in this workshop.

There is a basic requirement that you know how to operate a DSLR on manual. Also it helps if you know photoshop and/or Lightroom basics; it makes the editing process easier for you to comprehend.

*Bonus: All pictures taken by you during this baby photography workshop can be used to build your own portfolio.

This baby photography workshop is definitely an investment in your photography career path. One that will help you get familiar with the most upcoming niche in the world of photography.

Upcoming Workshop Dates: 27th July

Charges: Rs.19500/-

For more details do send us a message on +9819111198. We would be happy to send you a full day's course plan.

Personal Mentoring

If you are already very serious about this niche and want to dive deeper on an immediate basis, then we do have Personal Mentoring sessions. This is an individual session, tailored to suit your learning needs. So the areas covered in the course will be discussed as per your current understanding and we will tailor make a session for you. For charges and more information you can call on the same number mentioned above.

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