10 great activities for your children, while you work from home!

Since all the parents are seriously working at home, there are times it is impossible to keep the little ones busy.

Well, here are some ideas that I think you can try with your toddlers, so that work from home goes super smooth!

Activity 1: Finger painting!

Get some non-toxic paint, some newspapers and just let your cutie go crazy with colours.

It helps with the motor skills as well as recognizing different colours.

Make sure that the paint along with being non-toxic, it also is washable!

Activity 2: Grow a plant!

It’s amazing to watch things grow, and garden activities for kids offer a great experience. It is pretty simple, use wet cotton balls, plant a bean seed or fenugreek seed in a jar & let your kids watch it grow over the coming days & weeks. They will learn some responsibility and take care of something they can grow and nurture in the years that follow.

Activity 3: Make Birthday Cards!

Simple paper folded and drawing a small object that they relate to the person they want to wish birthday to! It will help them express and also something productive for them to engage in.

It will inculcate a habit of remembering birthdays of the people they like or they don’t like but being polite enough to wish them!

Activity 4: Helping Hand

Teach them to do some simple tasks around the house so that they become help you out a little by little. You can spin some stories around the chores and make them a superhero for doing the little things. This will definitely have a good impact on them, and make them helpful adults in the future!

Activity 5: Fun Bathtub time!

Oh no no no, not an actual bath! I meant a bathtub filled with all the bath toys which is indeed a fun thing to do. All things do not need to be a learning experience. Such little joys are also to be enjoyed thoroughly. You can take some pictures to make memories as well!

Activity 6: Build a pillow fort

If you haven’t built a pillow fort, you have missed out. Have them build a fort or a tent, and that their mission of the day is to read a book aloud. And of course it is a good time to take pictures when the mighty structure is getting built!

Activity 7: Learn words with Love

Make paper hearts or stars for your little one, overnight, they are pretty easy. You can give the activity of learning new words, which are positive and affectionate and they can write them down with crayons. Box them up and then ask them one meaning everyday.

Activity 8: Phone a friend!

Ask them who they would like to call and what they would like to talk to them. Have the little pumpkins write things down and then make sure they get to call their bestest friend!

A video call or a normal phone call. If their friend’s parents agree to this activity then it would be great.

Activity 9: Create a Necklace

Macaroni is the safest way to make a necklace for the toddlers. They can make necklaces and bracelets. Display their artwork at dinner to serenade for boosting their morale!!

Activity 10: Accomplishment Jar

Make an accomplishment jar and put all of these activities that your little one accomplished for an entire week. After every week each family member can read the accomplishment and applaud the efforts!

Hope you try some of these activities, tag me @jiyaaarora on Instagram when you do and share!

And if you want some more of these blogs, do DM!

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