Newborn Photography in Mumbai

I’m Jiyaa Arora and I specialize in newborn photography in Mumbai.

In my early days of photography, I realised that I wanted to capture infants, babies and their innocence. At the time, newborn photography in Mumbai and other parts of India was unheard of when I decided to make it my specialisation.

Today, I operate out of our Home Studio, located in Parel Village, which was designed to cater to this new segment of newborn photography in Mumbai.

A quick studio tour is on my Instagram handle. You may check it by clicking here.

Mumbai as a city is really tight on space. So when I thought of pursuing baby photography, I knew that the first thing I’d have to invest in is a comfortable studio space. This is why I lay extra emphasis on having the perfect home studio - one where the baby and the parents both feel comfortable and secure.

Then came the concepts, props, outfits - everything. A lot of people ask me on how I gather the best looking baby outfits, or how I get such cute baby props. And I have just one answer - custom made everything! Right from the props, to the outfits, to the backdrops, everything that you see in these pictures is tailor made to suit the concept that is finalised with the clients.

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