Your guide to a Baby Photography Session

Now that you’ve made up your mind to actually go in for a Baby Photography Session, it’s time to get acquainted with the process. This will also help you get the most from your photographer.

A Baby Photography session does not necessarily mean a bunch of props, pastel shades or quirky outfits. In fact, For most parents, it is a great way to capture a phase through the life of their baby and build on to sweet memories together. Whether you have a new born child or a slightly older baby, you need to decipher an aspect or a quality or sometimes even a thing that your baby associates itself with. This association can be the essence or the underlying theme for a shoot inorder to make it more meaningful.. But if you can’t necessarily point this out, then don’t fret. Thanks to the internet there are a lot of concepts available online or you could ask your photographer to suggest a few baby photography themes/concepts to choose from. Either way, make sure your photographer and you are on the same page. So finalise the concept, the number of pictures, outfits - everything before the shoot.

After finalising the concept, comes the day of the shoot. Ensure that your baby and you, both have had a good night’s sleep. That’s the only way to look and feel fresh during your baby’s photo session! If this is a new born shoot, then try to keep your baby awake while in transit. And once you are at the studio, then try and give them a feed as that is when they get in a slightly drowsy state. This brings out those cute sleeping baby pictures!

If you are arranging a photo session for your toddler then let them sleep through the transit time. This is so that they are energetic and enthusiastic upon arrival at the studio. And do carry their favourite nibbles and treats so that if needed, they could be lured for a happy pose!

Irrespective of how old your baby is, don’t use any harsh soaps, oils or lotions on the morning of the shoot. You shouldn’t have any unwanted redness. And honestly baby skin is best left untouched.

Also make sure that you do not schedule your photography session right after a shot or an injection, as babies do need their recovery time. And of course, if your baby is unwell, even on the morning of the shoot then you must look at rescheduling the session. As the child will be cranky and won’t have the most pleasing pictures.

Hope this helps you ace your Baby Photography session. If you have any doubts or queries then leave them in the comments.

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