5 Reasons to get a Maternity Shoot

A new chapter of your life, sometimes, starts with a pregnancy. And along it brings changes at all levels.. Not only does your body undergo a transformation but your emotions are all over the place many - a-times.. all, in order to prepare you for the most beautiful phase of your life...Motherhood.

With all the planning and preparation it is important to accept this new beginning with zest and what better way to start than getting your gorgeous self photographed.. capturing the transition within to remember for all of the years to come.

Here are 5 reasons why you must book your maternity session:

1) Celebrate you! - Whether you are or aren’t feeling the best, a maternity photoshoot will get you in touch with the stunning powerful goddess that you are!

2) Celebrate the anticipation! - Soon there is going to be a new member added to your family, and some memories need to be clicked in order to show your child when he or she grows up.. how was it like to be a mama!

3) Celebrate the foundation of your journey! - A couple needs to level up into various stages of their lives as they move along, and a maternity shoot gives them a wonderful platform to bond and discover newer aspects of one another, which is nearly captured into fine memories for life.

4) Let it be a family journey - Remember life will change in the coming months, and sometimes that can be stressful. So don’t forget to relax, smile and let the family help you out. This support system reflects in your confidence when you stand before the camera so believe and trust that you're supported and you don't have to do it all by yourself!

5) Freeze the moment! - lock this moment, while it lasts, because it will not come again (unless you decide to be a mom again of course!). The birth of a mother shall happen as your precious baby steps into this world changing it forever. Do cherish those few moments of being “The Woman” prior to becoming a mumma!

A maternity photo session will not only capture beautiful pictures on the outside but make you realise that you were, are & will always be beautiful, inside or otherwise, always!

Contact us and book us for a maternity shoot, ditch the weight scale and prepare to just look pretty!

For details on newborn sessions & yearly packages, do connect with us on +91 98191 11198. Look forward to hearing from you!

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