Bond with your baby with Yoga!!

I find it rather fascinating how babies roll over from one yogic pose to another so effortlessly and naturally without having to be taught.

This tells us how when we're born, our bodies are attuned to Yoga and how fearless we are. Also, babies are very flexible and they pick up the asanas really quickly!

Movement is one of the most integral aspects during the growth of a baby.

Both their mind and body are flexible, they do not face rigidity as we do.

So it is a wonderful idea to encourage babies to move in a free way as and when they grow.

I've heard so many parents complain that their babies are very hyper. One needs to understand that it is normal for a baby to be more energetic and full of enthusiasm as compared to adults. Here, the adults are not being expected to match the level of enthusiasm but be wise enough to channel that energy in a productive fashion.

What better than to practice Yoga! The perfect way to direct the energy that not only allows for free movement but also shapes the mind to become an agile companion right from the start.

Through Yoga with your baby, the learning process for parents begins and gets easier by releasing control and accepting the free will of their children.

Babies like any other living beings appreciate freedom and acceptance of their form. They see the world without any judgement and that's why it feels so innocently wonderful when one looks into the eyes of babies.

How wonderful would it be if we could look at babies under the same light. Fair skin or dark, too hairy or bald, big eyes or tiny ears, from the beginning if, consciously, judgements can be kept at bay it would be a real gift to the babies as they would not then be limited by the opinions or perspectives of others in future. As the parents would have laid a healthy mind and body foundation for them early on.

The first 7 years in the life of a child are crucial. I repeatedly say this because it is the wounds from childhood that reflect in the eyes of unhappy adults. No, we cannot save everyone but we can be mindful of the experiences a growing child is exposed to, we can create a healthy environment for our children and give them as much love as we can. The seeds sown during this time will grow and fruitify in the years to come. So it is at this time that one needs to sow wisely.

So while babies do their rolls and twists in bed it would be a great idea for parents to bring about a gentle but conscious shift in their perspectives and be open to truly welcoming the little angel to be as he.she is. This bond that is created through this yoga of mind and body between the parents and their babies is the true foundation of love, unconditional love. One that lasts a lifetime, indeed!

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