Bonding Activities for Babies and Parents

Bonding with your baby is almost intuitive, and it comes so naturally that you might wonder why you need pointers at all. The love and affection you feel for your little one is always your best guide but we are here to offer some tips that are not only fun activities, but also strengthen the bond that you already have with your little angel!

  • Play with sounds!

Gather a few objects and shake, jingle or tap them to make distinct sounds. Many of these will surely amuse your baby, and let them grasp at the objects that catch their fancy. This will even help encourage a bit of muscle movement for the baby and is an important part of healthy development!

  • Talk to them.

Baby talk is fun, but just simply talking to your baby and telling them about your day can help you feel more connected.

  • Pull out your own baby photos.

Which traits do you and your baby share? Is it your nose, eyes, smile? Or are they just as playful and bubbly as you once were? Looking at what you and your baby share and even recreating some of your baby photos with your little one can strengthen your bond and create memories for years to come!

  • Be silly!

Making funny faces, sounds, and playing different characters is an old favourite of all parents for a reason. Its fun for your baby and helps you tap into your inner child which will surely make you feel connected to your kid for years to come.

  • Sing for them

You may be the best or the worst singer to others, but to your child you have a voice like no other! Whether it’s a lullaby or your favorite pop song, sing for your baby and see how much they love listening to you!

Keep it simple and do your favorite activities with your baby, sharing your hobbies with them will make you feel closer to them and help you cherish this beautiful phase of parenthood even more! Your baby might not remember each moment that you spend playing with them now, but the unspoken bond you create now will be your foundation with them for years to come! We relive our childhood through our baby pictures. Give your baby this joy by getting clicked by Jiyaa Arora Design Photography and preserve these moments that you’ll never get back.

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