Creative tips for your next maternity photoshoot

Maternity photoshoots are a beautiful way of capturing one of the most important milestones in your life for years to come, and also a great way of announcing the arrival of a new family member to the world. There are so many ways to capture this memory in a unique way that represents your journey! Keep reading to find out how you can give your maternity photoshoot a personal touch and make it a memory you’ll never forget.

  • Go natural!

Is there anything more natural or magical as creating new life? Flowers are universally recognized as a symbol of new life, so stick with that theme and use gardens, backyards, or any scenic locations for your maternity photoshoot. Compliment your theme with a flowy gown and maybe even a flower crown! Personalize the shoot by picking out your favorite flowers to incorporate in the shoot.

  • Get creative with props

Props are your biggest friends in creating a themed photoshoot, and you can even use knick-knacks you find around the house! For a playful photoshoot, go for stuffed toys and balloons, and for a more elegant shoot, you can always opt for a classy neutral background, with small details, like dream catchers or fairy lights to make the photographs ethereal and beautiful.

  • Include your partner and kids!

You and your partner are embarking on this wonderful adventure together, and your maternity photoshoot will be enhanced if you include your partner in some pictures, so that your collective excitement and joy can shine through! If you already have any children, they can make a fun and adorable addition to your maternity photoshoot! Let them play around, laugh, interact, and hug you for truly candid moments that the whole family can cherish for years to come!

  • Make use of your baby products!

You must be stocking up on baby gear to get ready for your newborn. Get more use out of it by creatively including it in your maternity photoshoot! Incorporate the crib, cute little onesies, books, and toys into your shoot for a truly adorable and unique photoshoot.

  • Go ethnic!

Traditional clothes add a vibrancy and elegance to photoshoots which is unmatched. Wearing ethnic clothing can make your maternity photoshoot more meaningful by celebrating your culture!

  • Get candid!

The most beautiful photographs tell a story. Make your maternity photographs more meaningful by making sure your photographer captures candid shots of you and your partner laughing and being spontaneous. This will make your photoshoot a more memorable experience and will make the memory even more special.

  • Capture your silhouette

For a really elegant and classy photograph, celebrate your pregnancy by capturing a shot of your silhouette in black and white. Stand in profile for the best angle, and experiment with poses.

  • Get a chalkboard

Adding a sweet or meaningful message by rocking a chalkboard during your photoshoot gives your maternity photographs an added meaning. Scribble anything from your due date, a sweet message for your little one, or anything that you want to remember this precious moment by to make your photograph all the more personal.

Your maternity photoshoot is not just something that you can look back on fondly, but also a wonderful gift for your child who will be able to see their journey into the world! So don’t miss your chance to capture these beautiful memories. Get in touch with us at Jiyaa Arora Design Photography to book your maternity photo session and let us help you cherish this special milestone of your life forever.

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