Five Must Have Baby-Products for New Parents

Waiting for the arrival of your newborn baby is beautiful, chaotic, and exciting all at once! As new parents, there is always an endless list of baby products to buy before your little one comes into the world. To make this task easier, we have compiled a concise list of baby products that will definitely help you in your journey as new parents!

  • Gentle bath products

You always want your baby’s products to be gentle to their sensitive skin. Look out for no-tears, hypoallergenic and fragrance-free formulations that are made specifically for a baby’s delicate skin. Some parents also like to invest in gentle laundry detergents, because its always good to err on the side of caution when it comes to your precious little one!

  • Toy Box

Cleaning up is one of the biggest tasks for new parents and your baby’s knick-knacks will always be all over the place even after play time’s over unless you have a box dedicated to them. Laundry hampers also make for great storage as you can just throw all the toys in them without having to worry about arranging them a certain way. The best part, after a few years your child will be able to do this themselves!

  • A diaper bag with endless pockets!

Nothing will help you appreciate a spacious bag with lot of pockets like having a baby will. Every time you take your baby outdoors, you will need so many things, like diapers, toys, baby bottles and so on. You’ll need to find these things at a moment’s notice, and nothing is less fun than rummaging around an overfilled bag with everything crammed in one compartment! Having multiple outside pockets means you can designate each one for a specific product! Side note- make sure it’s machine washable. This bag will save you more hassle than all your other products combined!·

  • A Playmat

We all know how much babies love playing and crawling on the floor. However, they also tend to fall and trip, and floors can sometimes be dirty. A soft, machine washable playmat will fix both these problems and give your baby free reign to play, and also make you carefree!

  • Rash creams

Babies are prone to rashes, especially due to having to wear diapers all day. A reliable rash cream especially formulated for your baby’s skin will definitely come in handy. This is one of those things that you don’t realize you need until you do!

Its always good to stock up on essentials before your baby arrives so that you are prepared for everything. Your baby surely deserves the best! However, don’t go overboard and only buy things you need! The most important thing your baby needs is your love and care, which they will always have in abundance. Get in touch with us to book a photo session capturing your baby’s priceless childhood memories.

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