How to make the perfect scrapbook of your baby’s memories

Scrapbooks are the best way to bring out the artist in you while preserving your best baby photographs in style! Add your maternity photoshoot pictures and your baby’s most precious memories to create a book that documents your baby’s journey from the very beginning!

The journey begins from conception!

The best thing you can do for your baby book is start early. Keep a copy or picture of your ultrasounds, pictures of loved ones reacting to the news of your pregnancy and most importantly, click beautiful maternity pictures of yourself for your baby book!

Add some texture!

Who said scrapbooks are only for pictures? You can get creative and add small pieces of fabrics from your baby’s first clothes once they are too big for them and add lace and stickers to give it a fun look!

Don’t just stick to photographs.

Yes, its true that a picture can say a thousand words, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t add some of your own! A great way to keep a memory intact is to write about the memories behind each baby photograph next to it. This way you can look at it decades later with your child and they will still know the story behind each of their baby pictures! You can write about your favourite moments with your baby, their first words, and the funny things they say or mispronounce. Add your family to the fun by asking your relatives to write about their favourite moments with the baby!

Document their milestones!

We all eagerly wait for our baby to say their first words, sit up, stand, and walk on their own and grow. How great would it be to write down and click pictures of these special moments and keep them forever? Use your scrapbook for this and give your baby the joy of seeing their own growth through your eyes when they are older!

There is no limit to how creative you can get with your baby book, so get started! Want to add a more a professional touch to your baby’s photobook, look no further! We create beautiful and fun photobooks and coffee table books of your most precious memories, helping you curate and create the loveliest book of all your favourite memories. Preserve your memories today to enjoy them tomorrow!

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