How Yoga helps me be a better Newborn Photographer!

I took up Yoga as a result of injuring my sciatic nerve during a martial art training. The pain of an inflamed sciatic nerve was rather unbearable & I was suggested to look at Yoga for healing. The only other option available was to pop pain killers.

Within 21 days of my Yoga practice along with a complementing diet the inflammation had disappeared but my interest in practising Yoga had taken flight. I'd like to share the most relevant way in which Yoga helped me in connecting with babies in a new light i.e. being mindful of my own breath a.k.a Ujjaiye Breath.

One of the common breathing practices in Yoga is wherein the inhalation and exhalation happen through the throat instead of the nose making a sound that resembles that of a sea wave.

At the beginning of each class my teacher made me practice Ujjaiye breaths in order to calm the mind and align inward. And each time it worked miraculously!

Many years later, during a newborn photo session, when a 12 day old baby was in my arms crying, it disturbed my mind momentarily.

Out of habit, I started breathing the ujjaiye way and within a few minutes, to my surprise, not only did the little doll stop crying but she also drifted away into deep sleep. She looked peacefully asleep. I learned that day that not only does mindful breathing calm one's own self but also has a beautiful effect on the one exposed to the sound of it.

In class I would very often be asked to do a variation to the actual pose inorder to complement the state of one's body at the time.

This allowed a sense of optimism to flow rather than not being able to attempt a difficult pose at all.

Eventually with ease, I saw that with time my body would adapt and open up and effortlessly move into the pose that once I could only dream of attempting.

After understanding and responding to my own body it is no wonder that holding, cuddling and posing babies came very naturally to me.

The relationship I developed with my own body and self is what has been extended to the babies I interface and interact with.

I am often asked by parents how I wrap, pose and respond to babies so effortlessly and today, as I am writing this blog, I have found the answer! Voila!

Isn’t it just amazing!

With passing time I am more and more fascinated by the influence Yoga has had and continues to have in my life - work and personal.

From clarity of thought in conceptualising to a loving response to the tender souls I hold, Yoga has shaped, changed and widened my being in a way that allows for an abundant flow of this creative energy that moves within me and without.

I am so thankful for all the appreciation for the work that has come my way as high pillars of encouragement in all these years.

The concepts that are so loved by all, are created not by me but, by that very positive force that runs deep inside out.

And it is Yoga that helps me connect and stay connected with that force at all times.

Isn't it wonderful when one art form supports another so naturally?

Deepest Gratitude to my Teachers who have been my guiding light all through.

Let me know if you are planning on taking up Yoga as well, I would love to help.

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