Learn to Self-Soothe your Baby

Did you know that you can actually help your baby to settle in by himself or herself? I would like to talk about this particular aspect because more often than not I have come across new mothers whofind it very challenging to look after themselves & their cranky newborns post delivery. This is something that may surely aid new mothers to make their babies independent while carving out some time for them to rest as well!

Here are five ways to Self-Soothe your Baby :

1) Take naps and take them seriously: Everyone loves a nap and regular naps are very important for the newborn as well as the mother. A well-rested baby is a happy baby and a well-rested mother is a happy mother. Basically, Naptime = Happiness. Make sure that your baby’s first nap is in your baby’s crib, and make it a habit. Keep an eye on the clock and tune in to the nap time guidelines little by little. Make your consistent naptime = consistent happiness!

2) Try and stick to a sleeping routine : If you are an early riser and your baby is not, it can be very cumbersome, but if both of you are night owls, then you are already having fun! Try shifting the schedule by taking your baby out in the sun during the day. Get your baby habituated to staying awake in the day by letting him/her stay in the sunlight. That way both of you get a good amount of vitamin D everyday! Make sure it is the morning sunlight, before 9AM, do not be in the harsh sunlight. After short yet adequate naps, make a comfortable yet dark environment for your little one and yourself to get a good night’s sleep.

3) Try giving a soothing object to your baby (if your baby is old enough 4-5 months) : Once your baby is old enough and has gotten into the routine of proper sleep time you can give him/her a safety blanket or a hazard-free soft plushie. Habituate your baby with the safety object when they get drowsy so that they feel safe and are well rested after their sleep. A comfort blankie/plushie always helps the baby to get relaxed and in their comfort zone.

4) Break the habit of feeding your baby to sleep : If you are reading this right before becoming a mother, then you know you can avoid it. But if you are a new mother then this a good way to break this habit. Shift the feeding time a little by little early to your baby’s nap or sleep time or you can make the feeding time shorter. If your baby starts to get drowsy, stop feeding and create the calmer environment for your baby’s naptime or sleep time.

5) Take your time with this process : The entire process of self-soothing will take a while. It will vary from baby to baby and from mother to mother. Do not overthink or stress too much about it. Your baby’s sleep cycles and comfort levels will change as he/she grows up. So just gear up and brace your motherhood!

Motherhood is a journey, an experience and as many mothers say “A 24 Hour Job!”.

The beginning years are very crucial for a baby and a mother to bond, which takes time. It is important for the baby and the mother to get into their comfort zones for the longer.

Make your baby laugh more, they sleep well after.

Happy Baby = Happy Mommy!

For all the new mothers who are reading this, you will be an amazing mother, keep faith and hope!

Hope this helps! For booking a newborn or maternity photo session, call me today! In the comments below, do share what else you’d like me to write about!

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