Natural Light Photography

Light is Divine. It is what brings my world to life and in it I glow.

The Sun is the source of all the natural light available to us. It is with the Sun that I dance and flow from one face to toes, move from smiles to wonder. I cannot imagine what the world would be like without the Sun... Without it’s soft, glittering and shining bright light.

Photography is nothing but playing with this abundant, friendly light that fills our hearts with warmth and delight. One cannot photograph without having acquainted oneself with this powerful Source. Having known it’s nature, it’s mischief and it’s generosity, every photographer develops a unique relationship with Him. This equation between the photographer and the Sun is often reflected in one’s work/ pictures.

The same setting, subject, props etc. can look so different under various times of the day. Morning light is soft and dreamy but promising whereas the afternoons turn on the heat for some shadow play while the sunset graciously fills our eyes with the wonderful hues. ( Saw some gorgeous hues during the lockdown)

Then how can any form of light be good or bad? Light is always shining in different ways and according to its own moods, only depends which one would the photographer fancy to play with on a given day. Which further depends upon what one wishes to create with the light that is abundantly available to us.

Personally, for babies I prefer the soft, gentle light.. and often softening the light when harsh, as I love the soft and dreamy glow on babies as it brings out the real texture of their gentle skin. One can just pull out a thin white sheet/fabric/curtain to soften the direct light coming in through the window/door. It is really

I chose Natural light photography simply because Babies deserve being exposed to the most amazing Source of Light, The Sun. Apart from this exposure being healthy for babies; it also energizes them during the session and provides the warmth that is required for them to feel at home. Babies connect with everything natural and what better way to connect them with Light!

Baby photography is about more than just photography!

I have talked about it in detail in my IGTV video, check out my for more such content!

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