Quarantine DIY SmartPhone Photography Tips for your newborn baby!

All of us are grounded at home, and of course the lockdown in India has been extended in some regions, especially in Mumbai.

Some are working from home and the others are trying to do what they can, for instance, create art or organize the house, experiment with food etc.

But some of you have become parents, and baby photographers like me cannot take the beautiful pictures of your little angels like I always do.

So here are some simple tips to DIY photography with your SmartPhone while you are in quarantine!

I will give you two reasons why you should do this photography right now with your phone:

1) Your baby is so cute and you don’t want to miss out on these memories.

2) They grow up really, really fast! I cannot stress on this enough.

Things you will need:

1) Daylight (of course)

2) Window (which will give you the daylight)

3) Plain long cloth/ bed sheet/ blanket/ quilt of single colour

4) A table/ floor/ bed

5) Baby mattress or baby cushions for baby’s safety

6) Your SmartPhone

7) Your well rested baby (obviously!)

8) Lots & lots of happy vibes

Here are some baby photography tips that will help you capture good pictures of your newborn baby while you are at home :

1) Keep your baby safe:

While doing sitting or sleeping poses, during your DIY photography session, make sure your baby is safe. Place a few baby cushions as well as mattresses below and around your baby, just in case of imbalance. Also, it is a must to have someone from your family positioned close enough to reach your baby for support if and when a need arises. Do not compromise on this.

2) Use natural light through a window or balcony:

To get that angelic glow for your baby photos, choose a shooting spot in your home that allows ample natural light. I would advise against flash photography. Choose the spot in your home that gets the most sunlight like a window or a balcony or even a kitchen counter. You can soften the light by hanging some thin white curtains/bedsheets. Not only will the sunlight nourish your baby’s body and mind during this time but will also extend a warm glow that brings life into a picture.

3) Use a table and single coloured cloths :

You may use different textures, mild coloured cloths (printed or solids) to get a professional looking picture.

Take shots from different angles, just for fun, and be amazed with the results! Picking a light color will help with the lighting of the picture, since it will reflect light instead of absorbing it. Add some visual creativity by using a simple prop with texture like a knit blanket or even toys. You may even use blankets as a backdrop since they don’t wrinkle like sheets. Baby could be seated on a table, a bed or on the floor with a soft carpet/quilt below. Or if its a newborn then the little one could be happily asleep in the comfort of your presence!

Just go with the flow and have fun.

4) Keep photography spontaneous and allow it to blend with your baby’s schedule :

Your baby can be a bit of a diva, so keep in mind when your baby (6-12months) is generally happiest during the day (after a meal, perhaps) and shoot around that time only. Make sure your baby is also well rested.

Whereas for newborns, I'd suggest photographing them while they’re asleep, so try coordinating the photography with nap time.

Be spontaneous & instead of forcing your baby to pose, do allow them freedom to have fun. Then see the magic unfold right before you :)

5) Use your SmartPhone :

In the absence of a digicam/ DSLR feel free to pull out your SmartPhone. With pro settings, you can take multiple shots at once, so that when you see the pictures on your computer you can select which moments make you smile. You can use applications like SnapSeed and Pixlr to lightly edit the pictures that you have clicked.

Well, that’s all that you need to know inorder to capture some wonderful memories of your little angels. Do remember that memories can be made anywhere and anytime. So, get your photo-swag on & go for it!

Those mommies who are interested in sharing their pictures, please do as I would love to watch & guide you through this photographic experience!

Those who are wanting to learn from me, do get in touch on +91 98191 11198.

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