The Complete Guide to Family Portraits

Family portrait sessions are important because documenting family events is meaningful at any stage of life, and those photos are something that every family will want to cherish forever.

There is a lot to manage during family portraits, from babies, and kids to pets! Having your entire family together for a portrait is itself a cause for joy, and you surely want to capture the perfect photograph to remember it forever.

Read on to know how you can make your next family portrait the best one yet!

1. Coordinate your Outfits!

The easiest yet best way to make a family portrait look perfect is to coordinate your outfits. Make your entire family wear the same colour, or similar tones or designs to make your portrait look wonderful and symbolise unity.

2. Catch Candid Moments

Often, the best family posing does not appear to be posed at all! You can either let the photographer capture genuine moments of laughter and love between your family, or try to create candid-looking poses that can be a recreation of real-life interactions, as these will surely capture the essence of your family, and be fun to look back on years later!

3. Pose on the Couch or Bed

Sit on the couch and have a regular conversation or simply smile. This is the key to getting natural photos by keeping everyone comfortable. You can even pose on the bed, sit and read a book, lie on your front and line up, or lie on your back and allow the photographer to take photos from a bird's-eye perspective. It's great to capture a sense of normalcy and everyday moments in your family portraits.

4. Pose Next to a Window

Here may appear mundane, but if you want natural family portraits with gentle natural light, this is the spot to go. Choose a large window that lets plenty of light in, preferably with a plain wall as a backdrop. Simple, yet elegant, and naturally lovely.

5. Bring Fun Props

Props are a great way to make any family portrait look extraordinary. Flowers, balloons, toys, anything! The sky is the limit when it comes to props, and you can use props that either make your baby or kids laugh and smile, or something that holds special meaning to your family. This will make your portraits unique and more fun!

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your family portrait today and get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime. Every stage in your life, whether its your kids growing up or getting a new pet, is beautiful and worth remembering forever.

Capture these memories by booking a family portrait session with Jiyaa Arora Design Photography. Contact us at 9819111198 today. We are based in Mumbai.

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