The World of Babies

This silent mystically cute little world of these talking eyes and stretching lips has not only attracted me alone but several others.

What is so special about these tiny beings that no heart has been spared from melting away in their love. I have wanted to write about it for such a long time, so let’s dive into this space just for a bit.

When I first started photographing babies, I found it very challenging to keep up with their pace & unexpected responses. But with time, I seem to have fallen in love with their spontaneity, the way they suddenly burst out with laughter and their pleasant playfulness. I enjoy being around them babies so much that now, spending time with adults, seems a bit dull and boring! Hahaa!!

Babies and their brains, I realised, are wired in a way to focus entirely on what they look at in the moment and their minds are so fluid that their attention can be deflected very easily, for instance, by making simple unusual sounds. Parents are often surprised at how beautifully their babies respond to the camera but in truth, they are responding to the voice behind it. Baby photography asks for complete engagement with the baby, at all levels, at their frequency primarily. Photography & editing skills are secondary.

I have found that it is always a great idea to spend a couple of minutes with the baby prior to the shoot so as to get to know the baby because each baby is unique in nature & every baby connects differently. But once this connection is established the rest of the session is spent in strengthening that bond with lots of love, interaction & laughter. This experience that the baby has, is the experience that gets captured through the lens. This is what makes great pictures.

Very often parents come to me with fixed ideas of how they want their baby to pose and what kind of pictures they're expecting from the session. And more often they are surprised with the babies birthing new poses altogether! Babies, I feel, are independent energy fields that are dependent physically and emotionally to a large extent on their Mother. So, off and on, they do enjoy their own space and like to explore new objects if they are allowed to do so and as long as they're not harming themselves within that environment.

Any photography session would be a great adventure if babies are allowed to be free and to be themselves without any rules & with attentive guidance. This experience can be looked at as an experiment on ground level with their personalities rather than just photography. I believe that every exposure that a baby has is surely an open ground for learning if they're allowed to.

Safety is of utmost importance, undoubtedly, but it cannot be used as a reason to instil fear in them. If you wish to stop your baby from doing something, instead of saying "no", try taking their attention to something far more interesting. It doesn't have to be the most interesting object according to you,but you can sure make it sound so and that is all that matters to them. Your tone of voice and belief is what your babies follow, not what they see.

Babies are such simple beings, so easy to understand and respond to if one pays attention. It is their innocence that draws me to them and also their vulnerability. Without saying a word, if they can turn your world around, just imagine what they could do if they were able to speak from the moment they were born! :)

As fellow human beings, it is our responsibility towards the newborns and babies that they be welcomed into this world with nurturing love and freedom. Freedom inorder to allow them to explore who they truly are so that they can become who they're meant to be.

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