It’s Mother’s Day and your child is excited to spend time with you. So if you want to go beyond the requisite Mother’s Day card making or Mother’s Day dinner ideas, might we suggest a few thoughtful Mother’s Day activities to do with your little ones?

Plant some flowers

Spend the day being a home gardener with your mom. Plant new seeds in beautiful, artistic pots. Make sure you choose flowers that grow well and are easy to care for. Gardening certainly instils values of love and patience which are some great building blocks for your child and your relationship with them. Also, don’t forget to dig into the soil with your kid. Embrace the mess!

Pamper session

Indulge in a sweet spa day. No need to head out, you can curate your own wonderful spa day at home! Begin with some aromatic candles and some soothing music to go with it. Go for a relaxing foot or bath soak followed by some homemade face masks for both mommy and the little one.

Set up a Hugs Schedule

Add some laughter to the day by making a Mother’s Day Hugs Schedule. Prepare a little timetable and post in on the wall or the refrigerator. For instance, you could write, "10:30 a.m.: Everyone hops like a bunny and gives Mom a hug” or "4:15 p.m.: Everyone hugs mom and collects a surprise snack" Make up your own directions and silly things to do -- but be sure to include lots of hugs, love and laughter!

Raise a reader

Curate a sweet little corner in your house dedicated to reading. Sit with your little ones and read your favourite stories to them, the ones you loved as a child. If your perfect gift this Mother’s Day is spending time with your child or children, there’s no better way than reading a book together.

Get a photo session done!

One of the very best ways to celebrate Mother's Day is with a photoshoot. Whether you click the images yourself, on your phone or hire a professional photographer, this is a great way to have a whole lot of fun together and creating memories to look back to for a lifetime!

Get in touch with us to book a beautiful photo session with you and your little one. We are at +91 98191 11198.

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