Tips for shopping flattering and comfortable Maternity wear

Motherhood is a beautiful and once in a lifetime experience, and you surely want to look and feel your best. For this, you need the right maternity wear that will not only keep you comfy, but also bring out your pregnancy glow in your maternity photoshoots! Read on for tips that combine style and comfort for all you moms-to-be!

Go slow!

When it comes to maternity wear, it's best to wear what you already have for as long as possible. Dresses and stretchy pants are your best friends!

When you do start shopping, do so sparingly, as your size changes so much every month. Shift dresses and wrap dresses, especially one made from cotton are a great option for all soon-to-be mothers as they look flattering, and are airy and comfy even during summers.

Outfit: The Kaftan Company

Think long-term.

Let’s be honest, no one wants to invest in clothes they wear for nine months and then never again! So, opt for flowy tops and dresses that will be comfortable and stylish during and after your pregnancy.

Outfit: Momzjoy

Best of all, flowy dresses can look majestic with the right background in your maternity photoshoots. A floral print dress with a nude background, will have everyone in awe of your maternity pictures for sure!

Good quality stretchy fabrics are a great idea as they can snap right back to their original shape and be worn post-pregnancy as well!

Stay Trendy!

Anarkali suits and ethnic dresses are perfect for special occasions when you want to look stunning without sacrificing on comfort, and they make for a dazzling maternity photoshoot outfit as well. Sarees too are trending as an unmistakable option for a maternity photoshoot.

Bodysuits are so in right now, and are a great option for maternity wear, especially for the early months of pregnancy, as they don’t ride up the way normal tops and tees do.

The trend of oversized tees, coats and dresses is a blessing for us as you can buy these during your pregnancy and continue to rock them after giving birth without missing a beat!

At the end of the day, you are beautiful and radiant no matter what you wear, so wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and enjoy your pregnancy glow!

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