Understanding Baby Psyche & Expression: Observe, Observe, Observe

Babies are extremely emotive, real & communicative, curious beings.

How does one come to understanding babies?

There is no rocket science to this. But there is a simple approach that one may take towards learning all about babies and that is through Observation.

How do we behave towards our lover when we fall in love? We tend to their needs, see how they respond to our expressions, make a note of their likes and dislikes and also, see what makes them happy and so on. This entire process when practiced with any living being, be it a plant or an animal or a human, the most of the information is gained through observing the nature of the subject. The remaining can be obtained through the expression of the being itself.

Likewise, the one sure way of getting to know your subject i.e. babies is through observation. This happens at a very subtle level and from the moment you are exposed to the baby. It is not necessary that the baby should engage directly with you in order for you to learn about babies. You may observe a baby held by the parent at the window adjacent to yours. Observation is a practice that carries on subtly behind all that is happening in the forefront.

So, I would say that instead of deriving information directly from the subject, it would be beneficial to harness this practice. And then you may be surprised at the time of the shoot because you may know exactly how to respond to the baby in front of you.

Sometimes we humans try to professionalize and commercialize so much that we tend to lose touch with our inherent human nature, which is always guiding us to respond appropriately and responsibly. Once we do connect with our nature, we will know out of our own experience that babies are extremely emotive, real and communicative beings.

To our logical and adulterated minds babies may seem as if they are absolutely clueless as they go about their day. But if one is able to truly observe without judgment that is, they will know, for real, that babies are instinctive in their responses and know exactly what they are doing because they do everything with a purpose (be it big or small) operating through the higher intelligence that is guiding them from within. This connection is what fuels their child-like curiosity towards experiencing life in the most authentic way, if allowed to. If allowed by parents!

Inorder to comprehend your baby’s expression, all that you need to do is tune into that space within you that is there to guide you through life, just like it was present when you were a baby. In that space is where the treasure lies. Until you can do this, practice to better your observation. No two babies are ever the same in looks or response or expression.

A generic understanding of biological inferences can surely be drawn but in depth understanding can be fully explored by diving into that magical space within.

I hope this has helped the new parents.

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