Why New Mothers Should Take Up Journaling

Becoming a mother is a beautiful journey, full of wonderful experiences and surprises. At the same time, caring for your precious little one comes with its own stress and chaos. Both are part of your journey, and journaling can help document your happy memories along with being a stress reliever. Keep reading to find out the benefits of journaling and how you can make it a fun new hobby!

1) You might think you have too much on your plate to take on a new activity, but all you need for this is a notebook, a pen and just 5 minutes of your day! After a stressful day, when you put your baby down for a nap, it will help to take a few moments for yourself to write down your stressful thoughts so you can release them and let go of them.

2) You can keep bullet journals, easily available online. With them, you can keep track of your schedule, appointments, daily goals and habits. This will help reduce the chaos in your life that comes with being a new mom. 3) Journaling doesn’t have to be just writing in a monotonous way. Many people illustrate their journals with little doodles and sketches as a way to make it more fun! You can bring out your creative side for a few minutes every day despite your busy schedule.

4) Being a new mother comes with a roller coaster of emotions, positive and negative both. This can lead to feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. Journaling can help you process these feelings in a healthy way instead of taking them out on loved ones.

5) The life of a new mom is as hectic as it gets. There are always a million thoughts racing through your head about all the things you need to get done. Journaling can help you clear your head by jotting down all your jumbled up thoughts and getting a clearer idea of what all you have to do.

6) Journaling helps you reflect on your thoughts, feelings, and behaviour, which in turn helps in self-improvement in areas where you might find yourself lacking. You will also be able to track your progress long term with minimal effort and work towards being the best version of yourself. Daily reflection and introspection is the key to a fulfilling life.

7) When you have a baby, every day is an adventure with your child. They do so many adorable things and make you feel happy like never before. These moments are fleeting and need to be preserved. Writing about this once in a lifetime experience, and reading about it years later is priceless. Imagine your baby, reading your journal about your happy memories with them when they are older, how beautiful would that be!

There are too many benefits to journaling and no reason why you shouldn’t start today!

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