Your Own Home Studio: The space that has it all

Very often we tend to forget what we already have with us in search of that which we aspire to have.

The key to being creative is not having it all in terms of props, accessories, a studio space, latest camera gear etc. The key to creating is making the most of that which we already have. Creating flows from the fundamental principle of being grateful for all there is. And I cannot emphasize enough the importance of this principle.

When one has to do a shoot in a home space, one needs to be aware what that space contains. What is a Home? For acquainting yourself with the space allows one to make the best use of it. A home carries within it the essence of one’s life, the memories, the experiences, the vibe, the energy of the beings residing in it. And what better space to capture your baby’s pictures than one’s own home.

This is one of Covid’s many teachings I must say: To make the most of what is.

Can we stop living? Can one put a pause on life itself? Covid or no covid, Life flows. What stops is our idea of what life should flow like. And this thought puts the pause button on our connection with life. Instead, what if we looked around the space in which we are sitting just now and look for 3 beautiful things/people/sights that surround us?

Further if we could visualize a picture of our baby using one of the three things that caught our eye?

Let us do this as a home assignment and share our experiences in the next session!

Beautiful spaces are beautiful but the eyes that can see well through the lens or otherwise, find beauty in all spaces that surround it.

This is the secret to capturing a great photograph. See what is beautiful. By doing this one has already negated/eliminated the clutter. Then all one has to do is focus on the one detail, for instance, the eyes, or the smile or the fingers, on this one detail that makes one’s heart happy. That’s all.

Curtains, bedsheets, corners, chairs, blankets, your kitchen shelf, the stairs, toys, scribbling in books, colour, the walls…daddy’s shoes or mumma’s lipstick…is there a single thing in your home that cannot be used as a prop to add meaning to your baby’s childhood memory? When you see in this light you have found yourself a studio space in your own home. For your home is the space that has it all.

Above all, it has LOVE.

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