The Home Studio is a concept designed by Jiyaa Arora, keeping ambience, comfort and your baby's safety in mind.


This is the perfect spot for baby photography in Mumbai, an ever bustling city with a not-so-pleasing weather!


A cozy apartment, located just away from the hustle bustle of this city is only the starting point for clients to have a pleasant experience ahead. The ample amenities and parking space available indeed enhances the comfort leading them up the elevator to the Home Studio. Standing on the 16th floor of a new, high-rise building it offers a stunning view of the huge bay and the eastern expressway overlooking the docks, enveloped by the flawless skyline.

The Home Studio is spacious enough with a separate shooting area all set out ready for your session. And a comfortable seating area for you to relax on and watch while I’m working with your baby. There is a separate baby changing station stocked up with diapers and wet wipes too. Side tables give plenty of room to leave all baby items including car seats.

We also understand that this can be a little time off for you. So step in and you’ll have comfortable sofas, refreshing drinks and cakes waiting to lighten up your day. The white walls and curtains, relaxing lights and soothing baby sounds give the perfect setting to work together capturing those beautiful moments and minute details of your baby in the session to follow.

Within the Studio apartment, you not only have a separate room with attached bathroom for feeding, changing etc. but also a fully ready kitchen for you to indulge in yummy treats during the session.

The four-poster bed in the room could give you sometime to knock off and cover up on your sleep. As we all know, for new parents napping is indeed a luxury!

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We undertake the following:

Baby Photography in Mumbai (and are open to traveling to your city/country)

New Born Photography

Maternity Photoshoots

Family Portraits

Event Photography in Mumbai